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The Carbon Bank

Target 53,000

Carbon Counter

A time to grow

The Carbon Bank, Organic Matters Foundation and Soil School Training are working together to create long-term positive impacts for farmers and communities.

  • Balance the Soil

  • Activate the Biology

  • Nurture the Plant

  • Engage the System

  • A simple message that:

  • Increases productivity

  • Lowers input costs

  • Values carbon

t’s not rocket science. It’s a simple approach that both involves and benefits people & planet.

Balance the Soil

The physical and chemical properties of soil are extremely important in achieving a balanced soil. This is what we strive for.              


Activate the Biology

We ensure the soil is alive and working with its physical properties to effectively deliver nutrition to the plant through symbiosis.          


Nurture the Plant

The plant needs you on an ongoing basis. We maintain focus on the long term - that’s what is important.        


Engage the System

Collectively we have a different view of the world, one in which we are seen as key players rather than observers.

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