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The Carbon Bank

Creating a mass participation carbon market through an innovative approach to carbon banking

Hands in the Soil

The Carbon Bank
Open your Carbon Account today.
Put carbon back into the soil.

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The Carbon Bank is an innovative carbon banking platform for individuals to offset their carbon footprint and put carbon back into the soil.


Putting carbon back into the soil reverses climate change, allows us to maintain healthier soil, increases farmers’ yield and improves the nutrient density of food. 


We are selling 53,000 tons of carbon from regenerative agriculture projects on Batiki Island, Fiji. The average household consumes 18 tons of carbon per year. This is your opportunity to offset your carbon footprint!   


As the first carbon account holders, we will support you on your carbon banking journey and grow your account into the future.


We are excited! 

Hit the link below to offset your carbon footprint


Leaders in Healthy Soils.

Our ambassadors are leading individuals who have a deep understanding and appreciation for the importance of carbon and nutrient rich soils in maintaining diverse and healthy ecosystems, and yielding quality produce.


We are also seeking values-aligned representatives who want to contribute meaningfully to mitigating climate change through processes that benefit people and the planet.

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The Impact of A Carbon Market

Reversing climate change, nurturing healthier soil and supporting farmers.


One of the most under-utilised solutions for reducing CO2 is carbon sequestration, a natural process by which carbon dioxide is removed from the atmosphere and held in soil.


There is a proven method to achieve this - regenerative farming practices that capture carbon in the soil. This process has an incredible capacity to reverse the effects of climate change and also allows us to maintain healthy soil, increase farmers’ yield and improve the nutrient density of food. 

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