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Bringing together the year that was 2021

How do we bring together all the feels that the end of 2021 brings? A bag of mixed feelings as we reflect on a year that has seen so much hardship for all, learnings, opportunities and moments to reflect and grow.

We returned to Fiji for #soilschool

2021 will always be a year close to our hearts as it's the year we returned to Fiji to share our updated syllabus of #soilschool and continue the remembering of regenerative farming practices and soil health.

As I look out over our farm right now, it's as green as it’s ever been. We have cattle feed knee-deep and our fruit trees and food forests are abundant with produce (see photo). I’m reminded of our knowledge of how nature works so reassuring and find myself trusting in the cycles as they come and go.

It was just over two years ago that we were fighting fires here in our Valley, the land was so dry it cracked as you walked upon it and we came close to losing it all. We had to trust and pray we would be okay (along with a lot of preparedness, the NSWRFS and a great neighbouring community) and we came through it.

One of the things that 2021 has taught us is to find gratitude in every moment. We give thanks for our privilege to learn from our students and share knowledge with them. We give thanks to the contributors and mentors in our world that support us to bring education and learning to our Foundation. We give thanks for the cycles as they come and go and mostly, give thanks for our beautiful planet as she continues to provide for us.

One of the fundamental sharings in #soilschool is that WE ARE NATURE. We talk about how we are not an ego-system in a hierarchical model of providership, but a part of a living ecosystem. When we change our thinking to acknowledging we are nature, a part of the overall ecosystem, we begin to see things around us so differently. We begin to look at our surroundings in a symbiotic framework, one that we can contribute to and regenerate for the betterment of all.

With gratitude...

So as the calendar year ends, we extend to you all the deepest gratitude for the holiday season.

May your soil be rich in organic matter, your water tanks full and your table abundant with family, food and laughter. Deepest gratitude and we are so looking forward to bringing you more from Organic Matters Foundation in 2022 and beyond.

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